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70 Ltr Hybrid Removable Body Sackholder

Handsfree operation.
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The Ultimate EVO Hybrid Fire Retardant Plastic removable body Sackholder is the latest innovative from Linton. The Plastic design means that the bin is completely sealed on all seams, therefore practically eliminating the chance of leaks as a result of burst bin bags. The use of plastic also allows for easier manual handling as the bin is light and maneuverable. In addition to the day to day easi-clean design, the bin can be dismantled for deep cleaning, making it ideal for hospital use. All products meet HTM 05-03 and HTM 07-011.

• Hands free operation
• Silent closure as a standard
• Leak free with all metal parts made from stainless steel-totally rust free
• Approved to current NHS fire & safety regulations as the plastic is made from fire retardant polymer plastic
• Heavy duty construction
• Colour coding as standard on all lids
• Anti Microbial Plastic


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